Production Technics and Equipment


1. OST introduces the advanced big tonnage equipment that can punch automatically, which ensures high production effectiveness and high quality of the products.

2. Parts of the filters like housing, thread cover, sealed cover and element cover are punched progressive die, instead of the structure of single punching for several times. Therefor, all parts are of high accuracy and quality.

3. The tapping plate is tapped automatically or extrudedly, ensuring the verticality and clearance of the surface.

4. The housing of filter is phosphatized, which effectively guarantees the clearness of the inside of the housing.

5. The housing is plastic powder painted, which guarantees strong adhesive force. And it is uneasy to get rusty.

6. The upper and lower cover of the element are glued by automatic machine, so that there is enough glue in the cover, ensuring no short circuit or leakage would occur.

7. All products are sealed automatically during the process of final assembling, which guarantees the stability of the quality.

8. Before final assembling, the housing is painted first. Thus, the products are of good seaming, avoiding any quality change in the second baking of the filter paper.

9. After the seming, 100% leakage test is adopted to guarantee a good sealing performance.