Scientific Research

1. OST has a professional and high quality team for scientific research. Members of it all have college degree or above. And the key members of it have over 20 years’ professional experience in the field of filters.

2. OST adopts advanced drawing softwares like CAD, PORE, UG and 3D in designing all types of products.

3. OST pays great attention to scientific research. It invests 35% sales profits in the scientific research and innovation annually. It builds cooperative relationship with professional research authorities, filter media factories, filter industry associations and car makers. Besides, it establishes national test center and post-doctoral station.

4. OST attach great importance to self design and development. The molds are 100% designed and developed by itself, which is at the top of its field with unique idea of design and style.

5. OST thinks highly of scientific innovation. It makes geat efforts to expand its own national brand. It have over 10 patents in technics, including the improvement in automatic technology and the structure of the products. The improved products not only increase production effectiveness and quality, but also improve the convenience and performance of products. For example: A. The technique of strengthening the structure of products. B. The technique of guiding and positioning the installation of the structure. C. The technique of preventing inner leakage. D. The technique of positioning the center pipe of the element, which is anti-blocking and strengthened.

6. OST increases invest in scientific researchers and equipments. It cooperates with research authorities, and also introduces more professional talents and test equipments. Those tests contain tests of filters: bust test, pulse behavior test, the entrance and exit of check valve test, the flow and resistance test, the opening pressure of bypass valve, filtration rate of multichannel test; tests of filter paper: the burst test, air permeability test, bubble reflection test, micropore diameter test, and other tests like filtration test of air filters, the resistance of flow test and the capacity of restoring dust test, etc.